How to Train a Puppy : Train An Obedient and Balanced Dog Right From The Start

Do you have a new puppy? Are you planning to get a new puppy? That’s great for you. Learn how to train your puppy and you will have a dog that will not have behavior problems as they get older. Puppies are quick learners. If you are patient and consistent and use the right methods to train your puppy, you will have an obedient companion for the rest of their life.

Training Your Puppy
How to train a puppy is one of the most common questions raised by new dog owners. You have just brought this new creature into your lives and before too long you realize that unless you do something about it, his boisterous, carefree puppy ways are going to turn into a real headache when he is five times his current size and weight.

With that in mind, the following are what I consider the ten most important principles to take into account when training a puppy.

How to Train a Puppy : Train An Obedient and Balanced Dog Right From The Start

You’ll learn How to Train Your Puppy using 3 essential P’s. Have fun as you learn How to Train Your Puppy, we believe you can do it!

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1. Preparation

Getting a new puppy is a huge undertaking. Not only must you prepare your home, backyard, schedule, bank account and family for what lies ahead, you must prepare yourself for the responsibility of training your puppy. Do you feel prepared? Not just for the potty training, but for all of the other training opportunities that you will be faced with?

Dogs by nature are wild animals and without proper training, they will behave like wild animals. But, if you take the necessary time to prepare yourself in training them, hopefully before you bring them home, your dog will easily live up to its claim as “Man’s Best Friend”.

Your specific preparations in answering the question, how to train a puppy, will include choosing an appropriate method, setting aside the necessary time and purchasing the needed supplies.

2. Patience

As you begin to potty train your puppy, you will definitely need an extra dose of patience. Puppies are like small children, in that they do not know what is expected of them until we teach them. But, just like children, they cannot be expected to “get it” after being told only once. Your puppy needs to be trained and just like the runner training for a marathon; training comes in the form of a daily exercise. For your puppy to truly “get it” they will need daily exercise, instruction, praise and re-instruction in what is expected of them.

Depending upon the specific method that you have chosen to answer the question How to Train My Puppy, this may include the routine of going outside after every nap and meal or perhaps spending time in the crate that you will use to potty train them in and this only applies to their potty training! Throughout this time, as you train your puppy to be obedient, you must remain calm, patient and loving with your puppy.

3. Perseverance

As you learn to train your puppy and continue to train your dog in other important areas of life, it will become very easy to slack off in your training routines. Do NOT make this mistake. Most of our children attend school for at least 12 years. Why? Because they profit from the continual training. It is no different for your puppy and soon to be adult dog. They need constant training if you expect them to meet your standard. If you tire of the training, don’t give up! Remember that the time you pour into your dog will be given back to you through an obedient, loving friend for life. It’s worth it, so continue to persevere.

If you make the choice to bring a new puppy into your home, you also need to make the commitment to prepare yourself to train it. With lots of love and patience, persevering through the difficult time, you will have done your part to help create another one of “Man’s Best Friends”. Have fun!

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Four Tips on How to Train a Puppy Not to Bite

It is very easy to take your puppies biting and nipping personally but they do not mean any harm and it is important that they learn it is not acceptable before they grow up. Biting or mouthing is a natural thing for puppies to do and it is one of the reasons why it is important for pups to stay with their mothers and litter mates until they reach the age of 8 weeks.

It is while playing with their litter mates that pups learn the basics of bite inhibition. When young puppies play together they bite and nip at each other and they squeal if they are bitten too hard. This is how they learn to control the pressure of their play biting so as not to hurt each other.

However, if you own a puppy or young dog you have no doubt been nipped or bitten while playing with your pup and you will understand how we humans get hurt a lot easier than pups so the puppies bite threshold needs to be adjusted accordingly while it is still young.

How to Train a Puppy : Train An Obedient and Balanced Dog Right From The Start

Here are 4 tips on how to train a puppy not to bite.

1. Squeal loudly when your pup nips too hard and turn away from him/her to let him/her know you find this behavior unacceptable.

2. Use a toy or chew when playing so the puppy doesn’t focus his/her attention on your hands.

3. It is important to be consistent when you correct your pup. Your puppy will get confused if you correct him/her for something you allowed 5 minutes ago.

4. Never ever hit, shake or slap your dog not matter how bad he/she has been. It is important to train your pup with positive reinforcement and hitting your puppy will only result in fear or mistrust.

Remember when you are learning how to train a puppy not to bite that the most important thing is patience. If you want to teach your dog to be well behaved and obedient, it is important to make sure he/she understands your commands. You can get a comprehensive dog training handbook at covering all aspects of dog ownership, from understanding your dog to problem-solving to complete obedience work.

Three Puppy Housebreaking Tips on How to Train Your Puppy

The number one thing that must be taught is potty training. Males are easier to train in this category because they like to get out and explore things. A young puppy is growing fast and needs to be let out more often. They drink more water and are eating three or more times a day. When the puppy is active they will have to be let out to go to the bathroom more often. Watch your puppy. Are they active? Did they recently eat and/or drink? Take them out about every hour or so to allow them to go potty.

Train your puppy by keeping an eye on your dog. When they are done eating and/or drinking keep an extra watch on them. Did the puppy just wake up? Was there activity and did they suddenly stop and start sniffing around the floor? The key to potty training your puppy is to watch them closely and to react quickly to subtle changes in their behavior.

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Three Puppy Housebreaking Tips:

1. When you take your puppy out, they will go every time. When they do, remember to praise the puppy over and over. Your puppy wants to make you happy. Their mistakes are your fault. Remember, they are learning. You have to be consistent and very patient when housebreaking your puppy. Do not punish him for mistakes.

2. Use the same phrases over and over. Asking if they have to outside, bathroom call, or something similar will get the puppy to understand your meaning. Do this in a happy tone of voice. They will start to understand if you use the same term consistently. A puppy can learn this phrase in one or two days.

3. Also try to have a certain spot that the puppy can go to that they can call their own. A place where they can take their toys, blankets, etc. This is important if there are other dogs in the house. This gives the puppy a sense of security. This can be a spot in the kitchen or other room or even a crate.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Thank you!

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