Don’t Declaw Your Cat, Use SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post!

Having a cat as your pet means you need SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post to let the cat has its full vertically stretch aside from satisfying its scratching instinct. This durable post measures 32-inches high and made with durable sisal that naturally attracts the cat to scratch, you’ll be glad to know your furniture is save from those claws, especially if you have multiple cats in the house. Declawing your cat is not an option, please don’t do that, it’s really cruel! Let your cat retain its claws the way nature intended it to be.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post comes in parts, don’t worry about it, it’s easy to assemble by using 2 included screws. The base is pretty sturdy, 16-inches square, thus eliminating tipping and wobbling. The high quality materials used in this product will make sure it remains attractive and useful for years. The perfect height satisfy your cat’s need to stretch tall, scratch and claw at the same time.

Talk about the price, yes, it might be more expensive compared to other scratching post, however if you value your furniture which could be more costly to replace, you’ll know that you make the right decision. In time, this post will pay for itself many times over. The neutral color of this post will fit any décor.

If at first your cat doesn’t seem interested to use this post, the trick is tease the cat by using its favorite swinging toy and place it at the top of the post. Watch as your cat dig its claws deep into the post to try to catch its toy. In the end, the cat will be more interested in the post than the toy. We recommend that you place this product near a location where scratching behavior usually takes place.

Where to buy SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post?

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