Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar Trains Your Dog To Behave Painlessly

Premier GentleSpray citronella anti-bark dog collar is specially formulated to reduce or eliminate unnecessary barking. It sprays harmless citronella burst everytime your dog misbehaves, it’s a smart way to train your dog painlessly. Yes, this product will not only reduce excessive barking, but also other unwanted behaviors such as digging, jumping on people, or leaving the yard. Thank you to its patented Spraylogik technology that provides an efficient way to redirect your dog away from those bad behaviors. It’s humane and effective.

Premier GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar

The unique sense of Citronella is very safe to humans yet unusual to distract your pets and interrupt them from doing any unwanted behaviors. If you feel reluctant to use an electric dog collar to your dog but desperately need to control him, GentleSpray citronella anti-bark dog collar could be your answer. In fact, it is safe for you to try to spray it on your face, it won’t give you any pain, only unpleasant feeling. To some dogs, the pain from an electric shock might increase anxiety and aggression, thus making some behavior issues worse. You can use this unit to any breed of dog weights 6 pounds or more and at least 6 months old. For small dog, this collar might be a bit large.

Premier GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar

Walking your anti-social dog would be much easier now. If dragging your dog away from barking furiously to other dogs on the other side of the street was your every day experience, you can now save the embarrassment. It teaches your dog the consequences of barking unnecessarily. However, we recommend you to turn the collar off when not needed as the battery might run out fast.

GentleSpray citronella anti-bark dog collar comes with 24” adjustable nylon collar, attachable spray device (with on/off switch), 6-volt battery, 3-ounce of citronella spray (refill is available when needed), and instructions.

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