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Bubble Tank by Psalt Design

A unique fish tank can be the center of attraction in a room, just like this Bubble Tank from Psalt Design. Its unusual shape doubles as a beautiful décor in any room, so the fish inside won’t be the only central point here. Bubble Tank has been designed to provoke reaction, conversation and interaction between the owner and guests, we’re pretty sure there will be many curious eyes looking at this beautiful and functional object.

Each tank is made from high quality premium glass, handblown and slumped only by a master glassblower, therefore each product will have its own unique form, one of a kind as well as individual characteristics. What you’ll get won’t be just another cheap mass production fish tank, it’s an artistic object that celebrates the skill and craft of a truly unique product.

Bubble Tank by Psalt Design

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Beautiful Mythical Magic Castles Aquarium Ornament for Your Aquarium

Beautifully crafted with amazing detail, Mythical Magic Castles Aquarium Ornament would be a great addition to your aquarium. Your fish can swim through several holes and play hide and seek, it’s a great addition to create multidimensional style and texture to any fresh or salt water fish tank. All materials used to create this ornament is non-toxic and fish-safe, you can be sure all your fish will be safe and happy with their new toy. Your guests would also be enchanted when they are checking out your underwater world of kings, queens, wizards and witches 😉

Aside from providing your fish a place to hide, Mythical Magic Castles Aquarium Ornament makes your aquarium looks awesome, it doesn’t look cheap. However, please choose the size that is suitable for your aquarium.

Mythical Magic Castles Aquarium Ornament

KollerCraft AQUARIUS AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit Comes with Beautiful 6 LED Lights

KollerCraft AQUARIUS AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit is an attractive little fish tank to any room. We love the undertank LED lighting which offers 6-color selections, you can change to any color depending on your mood, even better if you know how to work with nano systems. This aquarium kit comes with a lid, tubing, air pump and under-gravel filter, a complete starter for anyone who just starts aquatic hobby, you’ll fall in love with this 360-degree view crystal clear aquarium.

If you plan to have tropical fish, it is very recommended to add a heater in this aquarium and due to the nature of this tank design that might magnify anything if you lace it on the rear wall, we suggest you choose small-sized under gravel heater, like Hydor Mini aquarium heater.

KollerCraft AQUARIUS AquaView 360 Aquarium Kit

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Cute SpongeBob SquarePants Home Aquarium Ornaments for Your Aquarium

Your children are having their first aquarium? Let add this cute SpongeBob SquarePants home aquarium ornaments in it. In this collection, the ornaments are not about the main characters but featuring the home and work place from these animated characters. You can bring the world of SpongeBob into your children fish tank, you can have fun teaching your kids about fish in this magical world of their favorite cartoon characters.

This collection comes in 3 ornaments (SpongeBob Pineapple house, Squidward Easter Island home and Krusty Krab restaurant), although you can also purchase each ornament separately. These ornaments would be a great addition especially because they are collectible and officially licensed by Nickelodeon. Each aquarium ornament is made of durable resin, therefore, it is safe for children and pets.

SpongeBob SquarePants Home Aquarium Ornaments - Pineapple House

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Calypso Jungle Pod Aquarium Plant Decoration from Penn Plex

Calypso Jungle Pod Aquarium Plant Decoration from Penn-Plax features 12-inch height which is pretty good décor if you have big aquarium. The nice colors will blend perfectly well with your other aquarium décor, it looks pretty realistic as well. It is suitable for fresh or salt water aquarium.

Penn-Plex itself is a 50 year-old family owned company which has been known for its innovative pet products. Just like this plant decoration, it’s pretty appealing for both you and your aquatic friends.

Penn Plax 12 inch Giant Calypso Jungle Pod Aquarium Plant Decoration

Modern Umbra FishHotel Aquarium by Teddy Luong

Most design conscious homeowners will love Umbra FishHotel Aquarium design as this modern aquarium will look awesome in any room. This aquarium has been designed to provide your fish an elegant, modern and stylish home, you can even stack 2 aquariums to create good looking condo and more space for your little friend. This design was a winner of Canada’s Build A Better competition, so by purchasing this aquarium, you don’t just purchase the function of this product but also the design value. Designed by Teddy Luong, each aquarium is constructed from a square glass bowl surrounded by a paintable ABS plastic façade with small asymmetrical windows.

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

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Hydor THEO Submersible Aquarium Heater Fits and Works Well with Marineland Elipse Aquarium

Hydor Theo Submersible aquarium heater would be a great addition to any fish tank or aquarium as it’s totally submersible and unobtrusive, it won’t distract your existing attractive fish tank decor. One of many features that loved by customers is the light that glows to indicate the tool is working and automatically shuts off when the correct temperature has been reached. Most betta owners have agreed that this heater fits and works really well especially for Eclipse 3 or Eclipse 6. Theo heater allows you to adjust the temperature for new fish, usually you need to increase the temperature to allow the new fish to adjust from their previous habitat. Later, you can gradually reduce the temperature as preferred.

Hydor THEO submersible aquarium heater

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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log Provides Security and Comfort for Your Little Aquatic Pets

Floating turtle log from Zoo Med would be a nice addition to your aquarium if you have aquatic turtles as pets. Actually, it’s a good accessory for frogs, newts, or fish as it provides security and comfort, a place where they can hide for awhile. This log won’t roll over because it has bottom-weighted design. Since it floats on the surface, your turtles can bask on top of it or choose to hide submerged inside.

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log

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Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System Features Bio-Wheel 3-Stage Filtration System For Crystal Clear and Healthy Water

Marineland Eclipse aquarium system features BIO-wheel 3-stage filtration system that means creating a healthy environment for your fish and plants doesn’t have to deal with valves, tubing, hoses, or noisy pumps. There are 3 different sizes available, from 3-gallon, 5-gallon hex shaped aquarium, to 12-gallon, you can choose the size that fits your space best. This aquarium has been designed to hide the filtration and lighting system under the hood, this plastic aquarium weights only half the weight of glass. You can have a beautiful 360-degree panoramic view into the aquarium, the fluorescent lamp highlights the beautiful colors of your underwater world.

Marineland Eclipse Aquarium System

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Unique Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden

Fishscape fishbowl from Aruliden  certainly won’t need any other accessories. The mountain design in it already presents its beauty and elegance. Aruliden has managed to redesign the classic design of a fishbowl with hand-blown glass.

Fishscape Fishbowl by Aruliden

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