Bayer Advantage II Flea Control for Cats Kills 90% Fleas in Less than 24-Hours

When it’s flea season, protect your cat from those blood suckers with Bayer Advantage II Flea Control for Cats. If Frontline doesn’t work for you, you might be interested in this formula as this flea control is also endorsed by many users. Some cats can be very allergic to flea bites, they can be really miserable until you find the solution. The formula in this medicine can kill adult fleas, larvae as well as eggs, it’s waterproof which means after applying Advantage to your cat, wait for about 3 days before giving your cat a bath, the treatment will still last for about 1 month.

Bayer Advantage II Flea Control for Cats - small cats 5-9lbs

It works as good as Frontline, within a day, you probably notice there will be fewer fleas on your cat and most of them will be dying. Therefore, it’s recommended that you comb your cat on daily basis to remove all those dead or dying fleas and prevent your cat from scratching its own skin. It’s really important to kill fleas as quickly as you can, it will reduce the risk of getting flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms. This product claims that Bayer Advantage II Flea Control for Cats can kill fleas in just less than 5 minutes and drastically reduce fleas in less than 24 hours.

Bayer Advantage II Flea Control for Cats - for large cats 9lbs+

When you notice less fleas on your cat, don’t get too excited too fast. Please remember that fleas can hide in your carpets or rugs, furniture, or walls, therefore, you need to sweep your floors, vacuum your carpets or rugs on daily basis. Together with Bayer Advantage II Flea Control for Cats, you can fight those blood suckers and keep your cat free of fleas. This product comes in different options for different cat’s weight, please pay attention to the dosage instructions.

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