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Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House : A Perfect Home for Your Tortoise or Turtle

Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House provides privacy for your tortoise, it keeps your aquatic pet safe and secure. Its deluxe design makes this unit is chosen by many professional tortoise keepers. If you place this house outside in the garden, your tortoise can bask under the warmth of the sun. Yes, morning natural sunlight is good for your pet. During colder weather, you can keep your tortoise indoor to escape any bad weather. You’ll happy to know this product features private weatherproof sleeping area as well as lockable wire safety cover. If you want to create larger area, you can remove the end panel and connect the second tortoise house.

Assembly Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House is quiet easy, just follow the instructions. Once you’re done, your tortoise will enjoy its new space, there’s a plenty of room to roam while your aquatic pet is still protected.

Zoo Med Wood Tortoise House

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log Provides Security and Comfort for Your Little Aquatic Pets

Floating turtle log from Zoo Med would be a nice addition to your aquarium if you have aquatic turtles as pets. Actually, it’s a good accessory for frogs, newts, or fish as it provides security and comfort, a place where they can hide for awhile. This log won’t roll over because it has bottom-weighted design. Since it floats on the surface, your turtles can bask on top of it or choose to hide submerged inside.

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log

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