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You Can Build The Formation as You Like with Kitty City 46-inch Mega Kit Cat Perch

You and your cat would love the idea behind Kitty City 46-inch Mega Kit Cat Perch. It’s a pet furniture which can be expanded and built upon (hint: you don’t have to build the same structure just like the photo here, be creative) in order to keep your cat entertained and from getting bored. You attach additional panels and connect it to multiple units to expand this playing pen into larger area and more spacious. The material is soft but durable, it is ideal for playing and resting, also its heavy duty coated fabric is tearing resistant. This unit features 4 scratching posts to satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to scratch, cute 3 plug ‘n play catnip filled plush toys to tease your cat, 3 level platforms, and 2 cube homes.

Kitty City 46-inch Mega Kit Cat Perch

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