iFetch : Automatic Ball Launcher for Your Dog

An automatic ball launcher, hm…that sounds pretty cool isn’t it? iFetch project started when one afternoon, Grant tried to do his homework at the kitchen table but his dog, a toy poddle, kept dropping the ball at his feet, begging him to play fetch. He couldn’t resist the request (who could?), but after 20 minutes, Grant was tired and needed to finish his homework. The little dog didn’t feel the same way, well, we know how dog can be so energetic. This was the idea of automatic ball launcher hit Grant, what if he could make a device that could throw the ball automatically so that he could finish his homework.

So, the journey began, it became a family project with extensive researching, prototyping, testing and refining, this family launched a Kickstarter campaign and received 4 times of their original pledge.

iFetch is a ball thrower, it has 3 distance settings that you can choose from: 10 feet, 20 feet, or 30 feet. To do so, simply press the button on the back to go through the distance options. Place the ball into the funnel, it will automatically launch to the chosen distance.

iFetch : Automatic Ball Launcher

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Affordable OxGord Pet Stroller with Mesh Screen

Is your dog having trouble to walk outside? You can use a pet stroller to show your furry pal the beautiful world outside. OxGord Pet Stroller is a great choice for decent quality stroller with a price tag less than $50. Older dogs are usually having trouble walking due to arthritis, or puppies can also feel terrified being outdoor; this is where a pet stroller comes in handy.

For me, I own a pet stroller because my small dog can be too tired to go on a long walk, so usually half the walk, this little girl would enjoy the environment from her stroller. Oxgord stroller has storage compartment that you can use to keep pet supplies, toys, treats, and water, it also features a nice convenient cup holder near the handle.

OxGord Pet Stroller for dogs and cats

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Jebao WP-10 Wavemaker with Controller Creates Gentle Waves on Your Fish Tank

A wavemaker pump that works pretty quiet, this is what you’ll get from Jebao WP-10 Wavemaker with Controller. It’s a high performance, powerful, yet it doesn’t require much energy to run thanks to its low voltage and safe power supply. You can create gentle back and forth motion for your fish tank, or whatever the wave speed you might want with its adjustable speed controller, it can create various size of waves. This unit offers you 3 modes cycles: H for high and constant non-variable flow of 1,000 gph, L for low and constant non-variable flow of 530 gph, and W1/2/3 for short pulses that create soft, gentle waves.

Jebao WP-10 Wavemaker with Controller

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Natural Balance Dry Dog Food With Sweet Potato and Venison Formula Offers Premium Quality Carbohidyrates

The taste of sweet potato from Natural Balance Dry Dog Food With Sweet Potato and Venison Formula makes feeding process easy. The sweet potatoes formula offers premium quality of carbohydrates that is rich in potassium and highly digestible energy source while the premium protein is sourced from fresh venison. Just like high quality pet food, this product doesn’t use artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The ingredients of this dog food have been specially formulated for dogs to prevent any allergic reactions. There are many dogs that have to deal with yeast infections or itchy allergies and all those vet visits seem just a waste of your hard earned money, nothing cures your best furry friend, even though you’ve tried changing shampoos, antibiotics, medications, and many more. There are times, all these symptoms are caused by your dog’s food, yes, even though your dog has been on it since puppy. Many dog owners that switch the old food into this product admitted that they started to see improvements in just 2-4 weeks, no more scratching, skin irritation, or yeast infection. However, each case is different, you need to give this product a try for at least 2 months to see any changes.

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food With Sweet Potato and Venison Formula

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Whistle Acitivity Monitor : On-Collar Device To Track Your Dog’s Activities

Do you love your dog? If your answer is yes, then we believe that you maintain your furry pal health, keeping them at their best. You can do this by taking your pet to the vet for routine check up, but if you want to do more than that, you might be interested in getting Whistle Activity Monitor. It’s an on-collar device that tracks your dog’s activities, in this way, you’ll get to know what your dog’s up to, whether they get enough exercise, rest, and play. You can measure all your dog’s activities, giving you a new perspective on day-to-day behavior and your dog’s long term health trends, all information is available from your mobile devices.

Attach this waterproof device on you dog’s collar, it’s pretty light that your dog won’t mind. It updates all the data in real-time, wirelessly using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can check everything conveniently from your phone and share adorable moments with friends and family.

Whistle Acitivity Monitor for Dog

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Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog Food Features Protein-Focused Nutrition for Adult Dogs

If you need to find a dog food with medium protein level, then take a look at Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog Food. It features 100% grain-free with 54% more protein compared to Wellness Super5Mix Complete Health Recipes. This company understands that not all grain-free pet foods are created equal, not to mention high level of protein in Fido’s food can cause higher levels of calcium and phosphorus. This increasing mineral levels that can interfere how body absorb other trace minerals such as zinc and iron, resulting in slow or poor growth rates, low read blood cell levels, and skin irritations.

Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog

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Supreme Best Bully Sticks Is All-Natural Beef And Fully Digestible

Snack time or giving reward to your furry pal? Try this Supreme Best Bully Sticks. It’s all natural beef treats which are fully digestible. Each stick is 12-inch long which is ideally for small to medium breeds of dogs, but larger dogs love these treats as well, except that they can finish it pretty quick. Chewing this snack promotes dental and gum health, since chewing action and saliva generation are required to eat this snack. It is made from free-ranging Brazilian cattle, a great alternative to rawhide.

Supreme Best Bully Sticks Bully Sticks

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Stylish Tin Cloth Dog Bowl from Filson

Tin Cloth Dog Bowl from Filson is a modern dog bowl that you need to carry when you take your dog for outdoor activity. Our furry friend isn’t meant to just sit and sleep around the house, they love outdoor adventure and have all the fun. Your dog can be your best companion while hiking, walking, camping, or hunting, and just like you, the dog needs to have its drink after some time. This collapsible dog bowl doesn’t leak, you can easily fold it down to fit in your pocket or your bag, you can also clip it onto your pocket thanks to its hanging loop. It’s made from 100% cotton oil finish tin cloth or 100% acrylic blaze orange with nylon lining interior. Cleaning is easy, simply wipe or brush it clean, that’s it.

Tin Cloth Dog Bowl from Filson

Tin Cloth Dog Bowl from Filson

From : Filson

Stylish Petego Velvet Bitty Bag Pet Carrier for Small Pet

Travel with your little furry friend in style with Petego Velvet Bitty Bag Pet Carrier. It’s a stylish shoulder bag, fashionable for your and comfortable for your dog, small dog to be exact since it can only carry 14-16 pounds of animal. What makes this bag attractive lies in the combination of design and velvet tones, so elegant, don’t you think? It features safety leash to prevent your pet accidentally falling out and adjustable straps. The fabric material feels soft and luxurious, your little dog would love to hangout inside this bag especially when they also have the chance to travel with you. It measures 16” x 9.75” x 10.75”, enough to carry 2 tiny dogs such as Chihuahuas.

It’s important to pay attention to both quality and comfort when browsing for pet carrier and this bag offers those two features in one stylish bag. It is recommended that you hand wash this bag in cold or warm water with bleach-free laundry soap and hang dry. However, just in case you have to use a machine, only use gentle cycle with bleach-free detergent and hang dry.

Petego Velvet Bitty Bag Pet Carrier

Where to buy Petego Velvet Bitty Bag Pet Carrier?

Tree Ring Birdhouse from Hinika

Hinika has a beautiful and decorative birdhouse called Tree Ring Birdhouse. It’s a stylish decoration for your garden as well as great shelter for small wild birds. If you love hearing birds chirping, you might want to provide those avian friends a place they can call home or at least something to give them protection from bad weather. The unique shape mimics rings which are usually found on the knots of tree, the intention here is to make them feel like home. Egg shape creates a comfortable space, it drains water away.

Each birdhouse is constructed of natural teak wood, designed to fit into a natural habitat yet you’ll be proud to have it displayed in your garden for all your guests to see. The hole might look small, but actually it’s large enough for small birds to enter and keeping predator out.

Tree Ring Birdhouse

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